Join us on the longest night of the year and experience our most recent creation a decameter labyrinth in the style of the famous French Chartres labyrinth which spans the entire north studio.

Walking the labyrinth is a meditative, contemplative practice dating back centuries and the winter solstice is the perfect time for it. We invite you to come by anytime between 7 pm to Midnight on the longest night of the year - the winter solstice - to walk our labyrinth. We ask that silence be observed inside the studio during the labyrinth walk.

As the old year passes and a new one begins, take time in the quiet, candle-lit space of Saint Mark's Cathedral on Capitol Hill to pause, look inward, and experience the labyrinth, accompanied by contemplative music by guest musicians. All are welcome.

Walking the labyrinth is a practice with ancient roots, and a microcosm of the spiritual journey. The 40-foot indoor labyrinth is a replica of the one found in the Medieval cathedral of Chartres, as is the new outdoor labyrinth on the front lawn. Additional temporary labyrinths will also be constructed in the cathedral for the event.

For almost two decades labyrinth at Saint Mark's has been a New Year's Eve tradition. This Seattle Times article from 2015 explains some of what makes this event special:

Drop by any time between 6 a.m. and midnight. Stay for a few minutes, an hour, or all evening. A free-will donation will be collected. At midnight, A service of Holy Eucharist will be offered at the center of Labyrinth, in observance of the Feast of the Holy Name of Jesus.

Special Events

New Year's Eve Labyrinth Walk

​with Midnight Eucharist

Tue Dec 31 at 6 PM – 12:30 AM

Saint Mark's Episcopal Cathedral

1245 10th Ave E, Seattle

As the Labyrinth Walk concludes, and as the new year begins, we will celebrate Eucharist commemorating the Feast of the Holy Name.