Embodied Meditation and Labyrinth Walking

Everyday our own thoughts and the news media assault us with upsetting news.  We can't help but wonder how the current state of both internal and external affairs will affect the future of all that we hold dear. 

Take a break from worry and discover the flow of good news that arrives when we live in the present moment!  We will explore together how to use felt sensing to access the deepest layers of our body and being, the place within that has never been harmed and is free of conflict.  Whether sitting, standing or walking, you will discover how to access your own inner sanctuary. We can't always change the world around us, but we can change our experience of the world within us.

We will practice with guided meditations from the Realization Process that use awareness, felt sensing and the core breath to attune to the field of fundamental consciousness that pervades us and everything around us.  With these practices, we experience the more subtle and grounding sensations of full body presence.  Walking the spiral pathways of the labyrinth after a period of guided meditation opens us even more deeply to the beauty of our world. 
There will be additional time to meander our contemplative garden, further cultivating the stillness of mind in which inner wisdom spontaneously arises.  We will come together at the end to appreciate what we have learned in the silence  and for optional sharing, questions and observations. 


This experience is free of charge.
To confirm your attendance or to ask questions about the event, email or call Donna:
Address given upon confirmation of attendance.
Limited to 12 people.

Would you like to experience the zone of peace already there within your own body?
I invite you to join me in Edmonds
for a  FREE 2 hour experience of 
embodied meditation and  
labyrinth walking on 
Saturday, November 2, 2019 
Take a break...Come meditate!  

Lake Washington United Methodist Church, 7525 132nd Ave NE, Kirkland, WA

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